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BiS Executive Director: Amara Graps (Grapa) in the press.

News, Interviews and Panels


Europlanet EPEC. 28 April 2020. Geneva DPS/EPSC 2019 location.

Lessons for the younger planetary scientists. An interview from September 2019 gives a broad look back on Amara's past decades' career with advice to the younger generation of some things what NOT to do. And hopefully some good positive perspectives of things to do, too. Rutu Parekh, a founder of the EPEC Diversity Working Group interviewed Amara for a 15 min. EPEC's 'Motivational Journeys'.





Friends of Europe. 15 March 2019. London. The Return of the Space Race This session for the European Young Leaders 2019 brought together Industry, Policy, Academia to explore the risks and benefits of entrepreneurial space. Amara provided a 3.5 minute provocative opener that described a future with space miners that is closer than we think.





Amara Graps wins 2018 Europlanet Public Engagement Prize


The 2018 Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement with Planetary Science has been awarded to Baltics in Space Executive Director: Dr Amara Graps for her far-reaching work to inspire and promote space activities in the Baltic region within the scientific and industrial communities, in education and in wider society.

Press Release In English.                 Press Release In Latvian.







Photo by Anrijs Požarskis

SestDiena. 13 October 2017. in Latvian. This is the Saturday magazine inside of the daily journal: Diena. Amara was interviewed soon after the close of the European Planetary Science Congress 2017 Riga by a Latvian journalist who spent the entire week at the Congress amongst the 800+ planetary scientists.

Ievest Baltiju kosmosā
ASV dzimusīun augusīlatviešu izcelsmes kosmosa pētniece Amara Grapa pirms pieciem gadiem ieradāsuz dzīvi Latvijā, lai šeit audzinātusavu meitu un palīdzētu Latvijas un Baltijas kosmosa pētniekiematrast savu vietu starp pasaules zinātniekiem.

Enter Baltics in Space
Amara Graps, a space research researcher from the United States, arrived five years ago in Latvia to educate her daughter here and help the Latvian and Baltic space researchers find their place among world scientists.







Photo by Mike Collier, LSM

LSM 3 July 2017. in English. In the English version of the Latvian LSM news portal, journalist extraordinaire: Mike Collier interviewed Amara Graps on his radio podcast about Venta-1, Latvia's 100-km rocket, her career in space, starting the Baltics in Space nonprofit, and the upcoming EPSC 2017 Riga event. As she was in the middle of her second crowdfunding for the EPSC, they talked about space project funding and he provided a link to one of the videos Amara made.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable interview. Read his words and and sit back and enjoy the 25 minutes radio broadcast.

Minutes from Latvia podcast 17: Amara Graps on space and science
The guest in the capsule-like pod is Amara Graps, a planetary scientist based in Latvia with an enviable list of contacts across the globe and -technically speaking - across the entire cosmos.

Recently Quoted

Asteroid Mining and Space 4.0

The Asteroid Trillionaires in English. This piece for Physics World by science journalist Andrew Glester dives into the current (Spring 2018) activities of the asteroid miners, interviewing Graps and several other scientists at length.

What do you need to mine an Asteroid? in English. This press release was built on the Galache and Graps et al. EPSC 2017 Talk. Our talk described the first link in a Science-Industry Roadmap for Asteroid Mining: the ASIME 2016 White Paper by Graps et al: "Answers to Questions from the Asteroid Miners".


What do you need to mine an asteroid? became one of the official press releases of the European Planetary Science Congress 2017 Riga by the Europlanet Press Office. It led to 25 reports in the International Press.


JL Galache speaking, Graps convening. Photo by Martin Elvis, Harvard Smithsonian during the EPSC 2017.

Project Press

EPSC 2017 Riga


The European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC) 2017 Riga was one of the largest planetary science conferences in the world in 2017. As the lead for its Local Organization, Baltics in Space built a multilevel engagement with Latvian and Baltic society, including the linking of the local press to the European and International press.


The Europlanet Press Office, the Deep White Press office (for Latvian Mobile Telephone) and Baltics in Space, worked with each other to generate and edit press releases and support the local and international press.


See the 600 reports in the International Press.

Interview of Latvia's Finance Minister : Dr. Dana Reizniece-Ozola before her EPSC presentation about the Latvian Space Industry. Photo by Europlanet Press Office during the EPSC 2017.

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